PB Featured Advertiser Friday 2.10.12

This week’s lucky chosen advertiser is the spectacular Blue Diamond Studio. Blue Diamond Studio is a premier videography business that has been in business for five years, and has amazed us for so long! Owner, Shawn Brown, chose this special career field after he purchased his first camera and a good friend gave him his first editing program. Due to his fascination with television and film, and study of art, Shawn became enchanted with videography. What makes Blue Diamond Studio unique is their excellent customer service, their amazing team members, and their creative approach.

If you are considering hiring a videographer, but are not sure where to start and what to look for, Shawn from Blue Diamond Studio has some great tips for you. He says his best advice to all couples that are interested in either basic videography, or the more high-end cinema service, to budget for videography early in the planning process and to take your time in evaluating prospective companies. He says it is important to base your decision on the quality of work rather than on price alone. Since your wedding only happens once, you won’t have retakes when it’s over so you should choose the best. Blue Diamond Studio is genuine about wanting to help couples find the videographer or filmmaker that is right for them. They encourage couples to view other videography companies prior to scheduling an appointment with them, because they want to show how they are different. They are so confident in their ability to provide an excellent service, and they should be! It is not uncommon for the team at Blue Diamond Studio to hear from emotional families thanking them for capturing their special day and creating a family heirloom.

Blue Diamond Studio has experience capturing weddings for clients of various religious and ethnic backgrounds all across Hampton Roads, as well as northern Virginia. Convinced? Contact them for a FREE consultation and find out why we are so fortunate to have them among our advertising friends.

You can find Blue Diamond Studio and other amazing vendors at http://premierbridehr.com! Remember to check back next week for our NEXT lucky advertiser!!

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