PB Tip of the Week: Photo Booth Trend

Strike a Pose! Strike a few poses! There is a major trend in the wedding industry in regards to photography… photo booths! You know them, you love them, and so do we! There are few other ways to get your guests to show their personality, get goofy, and create some of (if the THE) best photos from your wedding day than photo booths. You want your guests to have fun, right?! Well get a photo booth and you’ll guarantee they will have a blast! One of the most crucial things to remember is to have fun props for the pictures. Some people feel uncomfortable just smiling and posing, but throw them a mustache on a stick and they will quickly get their goofball persona out. Take a look at some photo booth examples¬†from weddings…I dare you not to smile at the fun!

The best part is if you take a copy of the pictures from the photo booth and display them for all the guests to laugh at themselves and each other. A quick bonding experience! Your guests will also love to take home these hilarious pictures to remember your awesome wedding day for years to come. Plus, it is also a great idea and trend to have photo booth guest books so you can keep the pictures and everyone write a message. You’ll be laughing for years! You can find companies that supply Photo Booths for you wedding on our website¬†http://premierbridehr.com!

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