PB Featured Advertiser Friday: 4.13.12

Here we go! This week’s featured advertiser is something special! We are highlighting the amazing, gorgeous Smithfield Center in downtown Smithfield!! As a part of the 757 Wedding Professionals group, we just recently spent the evening at the fabulous Smithfield Center for our monthly Vendor Blender. Let me just say it was the most fun many of us have had in a long time…and the amazing venue and team at The Smithfield Center had a MAJOR part in the fun!!

We were so anxious to talk to Amy Murrill Musick, Director at The Smithfield Center, and to be able to talk to her about herself and the gorgeous place she gets to work at! With over 12 years of experience in event planning, Amy is definitely a major asset at the venue. She loves the excitement of events and wants to do everything she can to see happy people enjoying themselves at Smithfield Center!

What makes Smithfield Center so unique is that it is truly a beautiful blank canvas. All of the vendor choices are up to the couple, meaning you are able to pick the people you want apart of your day. As you’re driving to The Smithfield Center you are almost traveling back in time through historical areas with gorgeous homes and buildings. You will also surely hear raving reviews from guests on the beauty of the views that surround the venue. It is truly a GORGEOUS place!

With the experience that Amy and the team at Smithfield Center have, we asked her for some advice for newly engaged couples. She said, “Find a venue and the other “to-dos” will fall into place. If the whole idea of the wedding and reception gets too stressful take a step back and remember why you are planning this awesome event.” That is a quote worthy of memorizing! We also asked Amy what she is noticing as the hot new trends in the wedding world. She enthusiastically said, “Cake is out the door and dessert bars (whatever it is donuts, candy etc) are hot, hot, hot.” We love this trend!!

Our favorite thing about Smithfield Center is the beauty of the venue AND the area around it. As Amy so perfectly put it, “The Smithfield Center is located in downtown Smithfield which is an experience in itself.  Think of us as a destination wedding.” We encourage you all to contact the team for a free consultation and picture your dream wedding!

You can find Smithfield Center on our website http://premierbridehr.com! Remember to check back next week for our next featured advertiser!!

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