PB Tip of the Week: Wedding Day Makeup

We all agree that you are already gorgeous! But, the makeup for your wedding day is just as important as the dress. Seriously! You really need to pre-plan, and figure out what is going to look best for your day! This is everything from what colors look best on your skin tone, what will make your eyes POP, what matches best with the overall theme of your wedding and your dress, and how dramatic or simple you want to go! We have some amazing photo inspirations, as well as makeup tips!

This is a look for the bride that wants to be super dramatic and ultra glam! Not for the traditional bride, that’s for sure! One important tip is to make sure your foundation matches your skin. The best way to ensure this is to test it out in the natural sunlight during the day!

So pretty! This makeup is much more subtle and sweet, with soft eyes and lip. One thing to notice is how beautiful her eyebrows are! Always get professional help when shaping your brows, and don’t wait until the last minute…you don’t want redness!

This bold lip is very vintage and romantic. What is so great about this look is it is not going overboard with everything. While you might want to make sure all your features stand out, focus on one feature and make sure everything works together.

What I love most about this makeup look is how you are instantly drawn to her eyes! So amazing! She also seems to have the right amount of shimmer. We have learned that shimmer can sometimes make your face look oily if applied too much. That is definitely not the look you would want!

Gorgeous! One of the best tips to remember is to take care of your skin far before your wedding day. You can’t expect to have flawless skin if you don’t take care of it. Drink water, wash your face every night, and change your pillowcase often.

These are some bold eyes! Love it! There’s only one thing that is a necessity: WATERPROOF mascara! You may not cry, but the last thing you want is black tears rolling down your face if you do.

Another simple, beautiful look. Sometimes less is more, especially with makeup.

Most of all, just remember that if you are going to do your own makeup it is a good idea to get a lesson from a professional so you use all these tips we’ve given you. What’s even better… we have some wonderful advertisers that will make you look your best on your wedding day! You’ll definitely be grateful when you see how gorgeous you look in your photos! Plus, you’ll want them there to help make the other important women in your life beautiful as well! You can find makeup professionals on our website¬†www.premierbridehr.com!


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