Dragon Studio

Virginia Beach, VA 23464

My name is Mike Dragon, I’ve been a photographer for over ten years. Photography began as a hobby for me and grew into my profession. As a child I used a 35mm film camera and began my first photography courses in High School. I later decided to pursue a degree in photography. Taking the time to learn the science and the history behind the art gave me an even greater appreciation for my work. Out of college I worked for a local photographer as an assistant. I quickly became an editing, producing, designing, and photography expert. Within the team I focused on photoshop and editing software. During this time I learned first hand what it takes to run a photography studio on a daily basis. Although I am serious about my business, I take a laid back approach to photography and ensure everyone gets the five star treatment when working with me. Dragon Studio is a personalized experience where I know each client far beyond a business transaction. I promote a fun atmosphere where everyone enjoys the shoot or event I attend. My photography style is unique and unlike anyone I have seen. I understand the functional aspects of photography and take pride in being able to shoot with a fully manual camera in this technologically advanced age. I can develop my own film and learned alternative processes to make prints with sunlight and mixtures of chemicals in my parents garage.

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